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Poland, formally the Republic of Poland, is a country in Central Europe, located by the Baltic Sea.

Poland is a Slavic country, meaning that the people who live there, Poles, are a Slavic nation, descending from the tribe of Polans. Examples of other Slavic countries are: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia. In Poland, exceptionally, the Latin alphabet is used instead of the Cyrillic one.

The capital of Poland is Warsaw which is the largest city in the country.

Poland is a democratic republic where the power is vested by the parliament. The head of state is the president. Both are chosen by people voting in the referendum.

Poland is a member of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), an intergovernmental military alliance of 32 member states — 30 European and 2 North American.

The currency in Poland is złoty (PLN), shortened to zł. One złoty is worth approximately 1/5 euro or 1/4 American dollar.

Shape of Poland
Poland divided by regions
Map of Europe with Poland
Map of europe with Poland