Gdańsk. The city of freedom

There is only one such a city as Gdańsk. Others may only be similar. The unusual location and over a thousand years of history cause that Gdańsk is distinctive, determined and has an established position on the map of Europe. At the same time, it is a city which still hides a lot of mysteries and has this “something” so that you cannot mistake it for any other.

There is no Gdańsk without freedom. Courage, creativity and, in the first place, freedom – this is a truly Gdańsk tradition. Virtue for centuries appreciated most by the residents of Gdańsk has formed its unique genius loci. You can feel it equally among the tenement houses of the Main Town and among the shipyard cranes, on beautiful sand beaches and in post-industrial rooms, parks and tunnels: in Gdańsk freedom is omnipresent, almost tangible. It inspires and transforms both the space and people. This is what the residents of Gdańsk are like: brave, involved, passionate and creative. This is Gdańsk: open to new ideas, moving with the times, originator of events and always surprising.

Gdańsk changes its face from day to day. Not long ago, it was in the centre of events that changed the history of Europe. August 1980, strike in the Gdańsk Shipyard led by Lech Wałęsa and creation of Solidarity, a great social movement, captured imagination of millions. Precisely these events gave a great impulse to the freedom movements around the world and let people believe that impossible is after all possible. Freedom from: evil, oppression and fear becomes freedom to: make one’s dreams come true, be creative, have courage, live a better life. It is a city that has its roots deep in history, but lives in the present and looks boldly into the future.

Today’s Gdańsk is a modern, European metropolis, innovation-friendly economy based on knowledge and technology, actively developing centre of culture, science, entertainment and sport, attractive tourist destination. As the birthplace of Solidarity, Gdańsk is becoming a centre for debate about the modern world; as the World Capital of Amber it fires the imaginations of fashion and jewellery designers; as a city of freedom it inspires artists; as an IT centre it hosts the best professionals; and as an intriguing city, teeming with life and history it attracts millions of tourists every year. It stands at the podium of European Best Destinations 2017 international competition with nearly 50,000 votes from all over the world. 

Gdańsk is also a winner of many national rankings and one of the best places to live in Poland. It is a very popular destination for employers and employees alike and nearly a definition of work-life balance. After all, where else one can relax after work by taking a seashore walk on a wide, sandy beach and to be in a deep, hilly forest a moment later? Life is good in Gdańsk.